I tend to get bored very easily. That’s why I write on a wide variety of topics for a wide range of audiences. I am an award-winning magazine editor. I absolutely love what magazines offer. But I also write novels for young adults. I’m also a broadcaster, who provides colour for FC Edmonton games. I’m a former newspaper guy, and loved the fast-pace of the newsroom. I’ve also edited an alternative weekly in Edmonton, edited the official magazine of the Edmonton Oilers and Kickstarted an app-based Canadian soccer magazine, called Plastic Pitch.

Avenue Edmonton was named Alberta’s magazine of the year in 2015. As the editor of that mag, I’m more proud of that than the editor-of-the-year award I got that same year.

My work has appeared in over 100 magazines and newspapers around the globe. I’m a decent talking head for broadcasts, because I can keep talking when the producer is talking in my ear. That’s the trick, folks. Can you talk about one thing while another person is in your ear talking about something else? I’ve appeared on numerous radio and television show across Canada to talk about urban issues, food, soccer, hockey, literature…

My wife and I have two wonderful kids. I like it very loud and busy when I write — being on some retreat looking at a lake would be the WORST. I like to write with really fast, loud music in my ears. That is what years of writing about music and sports will do to you.

Welcome to the website. If you want to contact me, click on this link stevensandor@rogers.com.



Appearance on Alberta Prime Time

Colour Commentary SportsNet2

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Second Place, Certificate of Merit, Best Local Editorial

Award for the local editorial, “Landfill fees aren’t a pile of garbage.”

Certificate of Merit, Second Place, Best Feature Column

For the column, “Space For Rant,” Dec. 14/1993 Morinville Mirror

Finalist, Editor of the Year

Was a nominee for the 2012 provincial editor of the year award for my work with Avenue.

Resource Links Magazine’s The Year’s Best 2012

Playing For Keeps, was listed as one of the year’s best for fiction Grades 7-12.

Nomination, Magazine of the Year

Avenue Edmonton is one of three finalists for the provincial distinction as Alberta’s top magazine.

Nomination, Best Profile (Alberta)

My feature on the Comrie family, “Growing Up Comrie” was nominated for an AMPA award for profile writing.

Editor of the Year

I was selected as the province’s 2015 magazine editor of the year for my work with Avenue Edmonton.

Winner, Magazine of the Year

For the second year in a row, Avenue Edmonton was one of three magazines shortlisted for AMPA’s Magazine of the Year award. This year, the judges voted the magazine the best in the province. I edited the magazine throughout 2014, which was the year of publication considered for the award.

Nomination, Magazine of the Year

For the third year in a row, Avenue Edmonton has been named one of the three finalists for the Magazine of the Year award. I’ve been the editor of Avenue since 2010.

Nominee, Best Sports Live Event Broadcast

Our FC Edmonton game production team was nominated for an award as the best sports live event broadcast in the province of Alberta. That game was the August 2, 2015 NASL match between FC Edmonton and the Ottawa Fury held in Fort McMurray.